Jackpot Games UK

When we talk about jackpot games, we usually mean one thing – slots. It is hard to imagine another jackpot game besides them, right? Well, almost.


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There are more types of jackpot games UK actually exist:

  1. Poker.
  2. Lotteries.
  3. All other games with high winnings.

Slots actually offer two types of jackpot: regular and progressive. Also, any type of online game, which offers a significant winning in money equivalent can be considered a jackpot-giving, as it is able to enrich a gamer with thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of pounds. Take roulette – if you guess the number correctly, you can be rewarded with 36x or 35x of the bet amount (depending on the roulette type). So if you bet, let’s say, 100 pounds, you potentially can be rewarded with 3,500 (3,600). Not bad, right? That is especially so if to consider that regular (small) daily ‘jackpots’ of most games in catalogs of online casinos give the same or smaller money.

So let’s consider all jackpot games that exist in the world of online gambling.

Types of Jackpot Games

  1. Poker. The sums of money that various poker tournaments operate with can reach tens of millions of pounds. But this money is not given out of the blue – a person has to participate in a poker tournament and win it, overcoming really strong players and paying significant money for taking part in such a tournament (sometimes, hundreds of thousands of pounds). This option is definitely not for everyone.
  2. Lotteries with an online jackpot. State-owned or privately owned, they have been the most popular type of jackpot games long before the occurrence of slots. Keno, scratchies, Bingo – all can bring a huge victory. Standard types of lotteries (where a person has to correctly guess some numbers from the bigger array of numbers) were in use by humanity at least 2,000 years ago – we know the cases of using them in Ancient Rome, where rulers were collecting money to build some significant infrastructural projects thanks to the financing collected by a national lottery. These lotteries give the most money to winners: the biggest sums in history account for over 1.5 billion dollars! When a single person wins them and receives the lump payment after taxes, it is possible to gain something around 800 million dollars in a go. Very not bad!
  3. Any type of game that offers nice payment. That can be roulette, dice games, Pai Gow, table games, card games… There are too many of them to describe everything in detail. It’s just worth noting that a jackpot is usually considered any amount that is several thousand pounds.
  4. Video slots. There are three types of jackpots: regular, daily, and progressive.
    1. Regular online jackpot. When playing a pokie, read its description to find out, how much it offers as the max winning. Some jackpot games UK can multiply the bet up to 100,000 times (if a player is super lucky), so even with a humble bet, like, 5 pounds, the winning can reach half a million!
    2. Daily jackpots are established in order to make people attracted to this type of game as much as possible. For the sake of it, amongst all daily gamers of slots, casinos can play a daily prize equal to some thousand pounds, which are going to be given to one or a few lucky winners. To qualify for a prize, various conditions may apply.

Progressive jackpot in jackpot games. The biggest ever progressive jackpot paid out in the history of online gambling was €154,954,249 in 2018. It was given my Mega Moolah by Microgaming. It was not given to one player, however – it was split amongst 9. But even in that scenario, everyone received 17,217,138 Euros before taxation, which is a pretty large amount to be a life-changer. Regularly, modern progressive jackpot games and their sums are not as huge as this one – they make up “just” a few million pounds. Most of them, however, are significantly humbler – from a few to a few dozen thousand. Nevertheless, there are slots, which do not have the intention to give up: take a look at Mega Moolah today – it still offers a huge amount of online jackpot, over 11 million Euros! Someone will definitely win it one sweet day.

Best Jackpot Games

Before we get to the list of the best jackpot games UK, we must consider how progressive jackpots actually work.

There are, basically, two types of those: pooled and individual. Pooled is the most widespread option of progressive jackpots. It means that when the same game is played by people in different casinos, wherever they play, some percentage of every bet adds to the prize pool, steadily increasing it. The more people play around the casinos in that game, the bigger the progressive jackpot becomes.

What amount specifically goes to the replenishment of the jackpot depends on each casino (and its agreements with other gaming market operators). For instance, 1% of the bet. Thus, betting 5 pounds, 5 pence go to this goal. Eventually, over time, a significant amount is accumulated.

When a big prize is given in online jackpot games? Well, that’s impossible to say – as nobody, even the maker of this jackpot, knows the exact answer. There is an IT logic behind it, which randomly defines winners. The occurrence of the progressive jackpot can be once a few weeks, once in several months, or even once in 1-2 years. Usually, after the jackpot is won, the initial amount of it drops to a few thousand pounds, and the things start over again.

The list of the best jackpot games is as follows:

  1. Now as you know that Mega Moolah is the best giving slot of all times, it is definitely worth paying attention to it. This is a Microgaming slot, where the highest payout was over 10 million Euros! The RTP is 94%.
  2. The second place goes to Jackpot Giant by Playtech, which gave once 10.5 million dollars of the jackpot. The RTP is 94.22%.
  3. The third on the list is defined as Hall of Gods because the biggest-ever generated victory was 8.4 million dollars. This is the slot by NetEnt with an RTP rate equal to 95.3%.
  4. Beach Life firmly holds place number 4: it gave 8.2 million dollars to some of its gamers once. 93% RTP is low but seems like it’s worth it.
  5. Another place on the list is deserved by Arabian Nights – with the RTP of 96.25%, it has given 5.3 million dollars of the biggest jackpot in its life.
  6. Number 6 is deservedly taken by Millionaire Genie – it gave 4.3 million dollars to its greatest winner. The current RTP level is 96.3%.
  7. Funky Fruits with 3.2 million dollars of a progressive jackpot is in place number seven. The PlayTech’s creation has 93.97% RTP.
  8. Major Millions with 2+ million dollars of jackpot has a fairly low RTP – just 89%. It was designed by Microgaming.
  9. Aztec’s Millions is right next to number 9: the biggest ever jackpot was 1.5 million bucks. Its current RTP is 95%.
  10. Mega Fortune holds the smallest jackpot of all presented on the list – just 56 thousand dollars. Therefore, it holds the latest place on the list. RTP is 96%. The manufacturer is NetEnt.

Also, hundreds of jackpot casino online venues cater to gamers all over the world, offering jackpots equal to several dozen thousand dollars. Simply visit the page of your favorite online casino and search there for jackpot gaming options. We’re sure that there will be games giving from thousands to tens of thousands of pounds. But if you’re lucky enough, winnings can reach millions of pounds.


Jackpot games aren’t just video slots; they are much more than that. However, some jackpot games may not be suitable for all gamblers – like lotteries (because of a small chance of winning huge), poker (because of the need to be a super cool professional of the game and the requirement of paying large initial fare for participation in tournaments, offline or virtual ones), or high-risk games like roulette (because low-risk bets won’t bring jackpot winnings). Consider playing in online video slots if you hate wasting time studying the rules and their various nuances.

It is possible to combine entertainment and instant play in slots – simply launch some of your beloved ones (which have a general or progressive jackpot) and spin the reels. Remember that it won’t be a good decision to start playing progressive jackpots right after the previous one has been just recently won – despite the fact that there are no established rules of winning progressives (so it may occur literally at any time), it is believed that a very low chance of winning it continues during the first weeks after winning it the last time. Playing in such a slot during this time increases your risks of losing money, which will not actually trigger the victory of the reward.

If you don’t like to risk too much – choose video slots, especially paying attention to our top-10 list. Good luck!

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