UK Betting Sites Not on GamStop

Today punters face a serious problem in selecting a suitable gambling house. It’s linked to the fact that many new web resources’re on GamStop. Those resources have many restrictions, which don’t allow punters to truly enjoy their experience.
To help modern players find reliable and high-quality resources to improve their skills, have fun, and win some money, we’ll observe the issue of betting sites without GamStop.


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The sense of GamStop scheme

GamStop’s a unique scheme developed by the RGA. It’s a so-called independent service, which helps limit access to all gambling resources registered in this scheme. It, thus, allows fighting the real problems connected with gambling. If a plunger has any troubles, he/she can join the program. As a result, the access’ll be limited to the gambling house a player used and to any web resources, which are on GS.

GamStop’s a means to somehow regulate gambling activity. All the gambling houses, which are on GS, are absolutely reliable. All the gambling houses with a UK certification are supposed to register in the scheme. However, there exist plenty of restrictions applied to gambling resources. For instance, there’re numerous features, which aren’t allowed on gambling houses on GS. For such reasons, and in order to get a chance to play even if once became a part of the scheme, punters are searching for platforms, which aren’t on GS. There’re many such resources, which welcome players from different parts of the planet, and the UK isn’t an exception.

Who can try playing on GS-free resources?

There exist numerous types of betting sites not registered with GamStop. They can be interesting for different categories of users. It’s important to understand that not just professional gamblers and those looking for a great prize can play on online casinos and connected platforms. Such resources’re created for a wide category of users:


  • Amateur plungers, who would like to improve their skills and try their luck on various gambling houses
  • Lovers of various kinds of sports, who want to watch & bet on the favorite matches and get a prize
  • Professional punters searching for a place to win money
  • Beginners, who just want to have an interesting pastime & try their luck.

If a punter isn’t ready to pay lots of money but still wants to play gamble games, there’re gambling houses, which aren’t on GS, offering demo versions of their games or a small period of free play. Thus, it’s possible to have fun, check the resource, and make certain it’s appropriate for you.

What’s more, non-GS platforms are known for their accessibility. It means that never mind where a punter lives, it’s possible to register and play on GS-free betting websites. Punters from the majority of countries (including the UK) are welcome on such web resources.

Thus, feel free and find a good GamStop-free platform to enjoy an amazing experience.

Kinds of GS-free web resources

There exist numerous variations of platforms, which are licensed beyond the borders of the UK and aren’t a part of a GS scheme. Observe the popular types of resources:

  • Slot websites (such platforms open access to an impressive diversity of slots with different number of reels, there’re traditional and modern variations of slots/video games/3D slots)
  • Poker sites (as poker’s extremely popular all over the globe, such game’s one of the favorites among modern users, there’re special sites devoted to this game and other popular card games)
  • Lottery websites (every UK player should try lotteries, which are not on GamStop, such resources offer amazing games with generous prizes, just buy a ticket/ask your agent and try your luck. A major part of such resources have a mobile version for the comfort of plungers)
  • Bingo websites (some people think that this game’s popular only among the older generation, however, there’re many British players of various ages interested in it, non-GS gambling houses offer to try luck in a so-called game of chance & win real money).
  • Sports betting web resources (such platforms open many opportunities to fans; just make certain a platform chosen supports a definite variety of sport you’re interested in).

There’re resources dedicated to just one kind of game. However, nowadays the majority of them prefer widening their borders to attract more players. That’s why there appear more resources with a great choice of options including casino games, betting opportunities, lotteries, and lots of other features.

Types of platforms offering sports betting

Sports betting not on GamStop’s an up-to-date issue. The varieties of sports betting sites not on GamStop are numerous. Give a glance at the most widespread kinds of sports a plunger can bet on:
Basketball money

  • Football (the number of platforms offering betting on this sport is numerous due to the impressive number of football fans; many resources offer not just betting options but also plenty of interesting promotions, which give additional profit or pleasant bonuses)
  • Tennis (on the sites offering betting on this game, a plunger’ll be able to follow the popular tournaments & bet on them)
  • Horseracing (this noble sport’s extremely popular among the British plungers. It’s possible to find websites offering betting on horseracing among platforms among the resources, which aren’t registered on GS. Their number’s great but it becomes smaller each year)
  • Cricket (it’s one more popular sport in the UK, so betting on it is now in fashion. Find GS-free platforms to feel comfortable and win some money)
  • Baseball (this sport’s very popular throughout the globe. On non-GamStop betting resources, it’s real to bet on tournaments during the play. There are live specials & plenty of other amazing features)
  • Rugby (GamStop-free websites offer both Rugby League and Rugby Union betting, so all the fans of this game have a chance to enjoy a great experience. There’re additional options provided)
  • Basketball (it’s one of the leading sports, which is popular for betting. Among non-GS sites, it’s possible to find really high-quality platforms for betting, which aren’t only comfortable but safe).

Today, one of the fast-developing spheres is eSports.
Computer technologies keep developing, which is why more and more games appear. Gamers created their own tournaments in such games as Dota-2, Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter Strike, and other worldwide-known games. It’s allowed making bets on such tournaments too. Just find a suitable platform, which isn’t registered on GS. Thus, it’s possible to easily win with bets on the favorite games, teams, and players.

There’re other classifications of resources offering sports betting. Let’s observe a few ones:

  1. Platforms, which have been recently launched. It might be boring to play only on one website. Everyone knows that when registering on a new web resource, there’re pleasant bonuses. What’s more, when a plunger selects a platform, which has just appeared, there’re chances to enjoy better playing conditions. Extras on such websites will turn to be more generous. Thus, you can have a great and diverse experience.
  2. Sites with comfortable mobile applications. There exist web resources, which provide not just a stable version for a PC but also an app, which a player can download from a store (Google Play or Apple Store). The apps provided by the websites, which aren’t on GS, are available for players living in different parts of the world. It’s easy to download an app for Android/iOS on tablets & smartphones. Thus, it’s possible to make bets at any comfortable time & place – on the way to work, during lunch, in a traffic jam, etc.
  3. Web resources, which support live streaming. Making bets right during the match is an amazing opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the real presence. Besides, such bets will be more effective and successful. You can follow the game and change your bets depending on the situation in the game. Thus, many sports lovers will appreciate such a chance.

Besides, it’s better to find out information about the kinds of bets available on sports betting resources. They might be as follows:

  1. Classic fixed odds. It’s one of the frequent kinds of betting, which is accessible on sports betting resources. Such an option’s tempting for many bettors. The bet here is paid on the basis of the agreed odds even if they’re lower or higher. Such odds’re straightforward and provide great chances to win. If you’re a beginner in sports betting, it’s recommended to start with fixed odds.
  2. Live betting (also known as in-play). In this case, a plunger has a chance to bet only after a match has begun. The rules’re different from those for the fixed odds. Note: only online plungers have an opportunity to enjoy live betting. Such a variation is comparatively new but there’re numerous GS-free resources, which provide such an option. Remember that live betting requires great skills to analyze the situation during the game very fast and to make quick decisions.
  3. Exchange betting. This kind of betting is like a traditional variation. The bets’re stated at the time of staking. The key thing’s there’re no bookmakers engaged in this process. The bets’re placed between various bettors throughout the globe. It’s real to find sites with such betting opportunities, which aren’t with GS.

When selecting a sports betting web resource, it’s greatly important to know their types and peculiarities. Thus, every player’ll have a chance to pick up a suitable platform with the most comfortable conditions.

GS-free online gambling houses & betting platforms

Many plungers are searching for the gambling houses, which aren’t only GamStop-free but also reliable & worth attention. We offer a few web resources, which a plunger can feel safe to apply for having fun & winning real money:
Hand with coin

  1. Fortune Clock (a web resource known for great usability & generous extras for payments. In addition, there’re plenty of options, which make the resource suitable for sports fans and gamblers)
  2. 24Monaco (it’s one of the latest resources, which guarantees not only extras but also pleasant cashback. It’s a good choice for punters interested in sports betting. There’re lots of other opportunities including traditional and modern gamble games, live dealer games, and virtual)
  3. BetOnline AG (it’s an old and trustworthy platform, which is popular for sports betting. Kinds of sports are diverse as well as payment methods provided)
  4. SportsBetting (this resource’s reliable and known for the fastest payments. It’s an ideal platform for sports lovers)
  5. Harry’s (this platform is absolutely safe for online bets. It’s a good choice for a unique and diverse experience because there’re chances to play slots & other casino games as well as to bet on sports)
  6. PH (it’s a large platform, which gives many opportunities to gamblers. There’re sections of the site dedicated to sports betting/gamble games and other issues. There’re bonus codes and pleasant prizes for payments)
  7. BetSwagger (it’s one more popular web resource valued by different plungers. It’s possible to select your favorite option and bet on sports, play slots or live games, and use many other features)
  8. AgentNoWager (it’s one of the newest resources on the Internet, which punters can play using PC/mobile using their app. The platform’s trustworthy is quite high. There’re pleasant extra credits for the 1st deposit).

There’re other Internet platforms, which are worthy of the attention of punters. The enumerated ones are certified by one of several reliable authorities and might be safely applied by plungers from the UK. Those resources aren’t with GS and don’t have strict limitations, so every plunger can enjoy his/her favorite games & their features.

Beneficial usage of GS-free platforms

Using non-GS web resources guarantees a number of pros to plungers. Observe the prominent ones to make certain non-GS casinos’re suitable:

  1. Certified outside the borders of the UK. There’re quite many authorities, which provide licenses for gambling houses operating online. The commissions responsible for certification are located in various parts of the world. They’re accountable for the protection of punters from fraudulent operators. They ensure all players are protected and their transactions & other actions are secured. Gambling houses operating online might be certified by the authorities such as Curacao/Kahnawake/Malta/Cyprus, etc. All of those licenses are reliable, so punters can feel safe playing on gambling houses certified by those authorities. Such web resources accept plungers from various countries (the UK isn’t an exception).
  2. The lack of a British license and restrictions connected with it. One gambling house can have one or more licenses. However, non-GS platforms never have a UK license. It means that any resource, which owns a certification different from the UK’s one, will give a plunger access to the most interesting games with amazing graphics, generous bonuses, and impressive winnings. Besides, even if plunger’s blocked on the British platforms, he/she can feel free to play on GS-free resources because they aren’t connected to GS and its rules.
  3. Absolute availability. Non-GamStop resources’re accessible to punters from any country. There might be exceptions but most countries can enjoy access. Thus, punters residing in the UK may easily enjoy their favorite games without limits even if they’re blocked by GS. Despite their international license, such resources provide everything for the comfort of punters from various countries.
  4. No risks. As non-GamStop resources have at least 1 license, they’re reliable and safe for plungers. They use special protection technologies to make money transactions secure.
  5. Available from various devices. Gambling houses, which aren’t on GS, are accessible from different devices. Thus, punters can comfortably play from their PC, mobile phone, or tablet because all platforms’re mobile-ready. Some of the web resources offer mobile apps.

Disadvantages of GS-free gambling houses

Gambling houses, which aren’t certified by the British authorities & aren’t registered on GS, have not just advantages but also disadvantages. The greatest cons, which might provoke worries, are usually as follows:


  1. The lack of GamCare certification. GamCare’s developed to protect plungers & help them deal with problem gambling. GS-free gambling houses don’t provide such a level of care. Nevertheless, there’re other ways to fight problem gambling, which are often used by GamStop-free web resources.
  2. The need to pass verification to obtain a payout. Verification’s required by most gambling houses, which aren’t on GS. Such a procedure demands certain documents to prove the identity of a plunger. What’s more, it allows making transactions safe. However, a punter’ll have to wait for some time before the 1st transaction’s made. The following operations’ll be faster.
  3. The absence of options to pay with PayPal or phone bills. The majority of non-GamStop gambling houses don’t support such payment methods. However, such platforms support other comfortable methods, such as bankcards, cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and others.
  4. The absence of Gamban Blocker. All the websites licensed in the UK and registered on GamStop offer a blocker for all sites containing such words as casino, betting, and others connected with gambling. Non-GamStop betting sites don’t provide such an option.
  5. Weak license. The majority of non-GamStop platforms select the easiest way to get a license. That’s why they select the license, which doesn’t have strict requirements and doesn’t require lots of money (Curacao license). Such a license is considered the weakest, while any problems (including those with payouts) will take a long time to solve. At the same time, many platforms licensed by Curacao are fair and trustworthy.

All the drawbacks described mostly refer to non-reliable gambling houses. If a punter chooses a trustworthy resource with a good reputation, he/she will hardly have any troubles.

Principles of non-GS gambling houses ranking

It might be quite difficult to find not just a reliable but comfortable and easy to use gambling resource, which isn’t registered on GamStop. There are certain criteria, which are recommended to observe:

  • The validity of license and security level. It’s required to check that a gambling house a punter is going to use has an active license, which is reliable. Besides, it’s recommended to check the level of security. Remember that there’re many fraudulent resources, which just want to take gamblers’ money. You should have a chance to claim a platform if any problem occurs. With a valid license, it will be real.
  • Extras provided. Never mind, what a player prefers – sports betting or casino games – it’s recommended to make sure a gambling house provides extras for deposits, registration, and other things. It’s important because the majority of non-GS gambling platforms provide generous bonuses. That’s why it’s better to choose resources offering extras. However, pay attention to the terms to make certain you meet the requirements of a gambling house.
  • The time required for payouts. Punters always worry about the issue of withdrawing. That’s why it’s recommended to read the conditions of a platform selected to be aware of the time necessary to get a payout. The first transaction in most cases takes longer (1-3 days depending on an option chosen). It’s connected with the identification procedure. The following transactions are usually faster and might take a few hours or even minutes.
  • The number and quality of options. Punters are usually looking for diversity. No one wants to register on a platform with a limited number of games and features. That’s why it’s better to check the number and types of games or sports a player can bet on. Only then, it’s required to register and make payments to enjoy your favorite activity.
  • Additional features available. It’s always good when a gambling house has additional options to diversify a player’s experience. For instance, an online casino can offer sports betting or live dealer options.
  • Punters’ support. It’s always necessary to pay attention to the support provided by a gambling platform. Any reliable resource offers support 24/7. There might be various options available such as email, live chat, phone, etc. Such support will allow solving any problems at any comfortable time despite the place of the punter’s residence.
  • Punters’ experience. It’s important to feel comfortable while playing. That’s why it’s advisable to read the reviews written by other punters on the Internet. Make sure to select independent resources to find honest opinions.
  • Usability of the gambling platform. Any gambling house should be comfortable to use. Pay attention to the interface in general and the stability of the platform’s operation. It’s also advisable to look at buttons’ operation (especially a ‘bet’ button).

Payment options available on non-GS resources

Payment method supported by a gambling platform is one of the most important aspects, which should be considered when selecting a resource. We already know that non-GamStop platforms have a limited number of payment options. However, such platforms provide all the conditions to make the usage of their features comfortable for players from the UK and other countries. That’s why payment options available are comfortable and reliable. The most widespread ones are as follows:

  • Such a method is one of the most popular among gamblers throughout the world. The transactions are usually fast enough. Only the first payment might take time. However, it guarantees security and reliability. Almost every person in the world has a card (either debit or credit), which is why this payment option is in favor. The majority of punters prefer Visa or rarer MasterCard.
  • E-wallets. It’s one more widespread method, which is adored by gamblers. The key advantage of this payment option is its anonymity. There are no personal data a punter is to provide to fulfill a transaction. Besides, e-wallets are usually fast for both deposits and withdrawals. The most popular e-wallets are Skrill and Neteller. They are reliable and proved to be secure. A punter’s identity will never be discovered, so players can feel safe and sound.
  • Bank transfers. This payment option isn’t that popular due to a few reasons. First of all, it’s necessary to provide personal data connected to a bank account. Besides, this method requires some time for transaction processing. Thus, bank transfer usually takes about 3 working days. If you initiate a withdrawal on Friday, you’ll have to wait even more because transactions aren’t processed on weekends. At the same time, you will get money directly to your personal account.
  • This is one of the latest methods appeared, which is becoming more and more popular. One of the most widespread cryptocurrencies is bitcoin. It’s so popular because many Internet users use cryptocurrency, which is why such a method is suitable for them. Besides, there’re gambling houses, which offer special extras or cashback for the cryptocurrency application.

Consider all the payment options available to make sure there’s at least one suitable for you. It’s better to choose a gambling house with a few methods supported.

Top software providers for the UK Betting Sites Not on GamStop

Software provider
Players want to find not just a reliable and comfortable resource but a platform with a range of diverse and high-quality games. To be able to find such a website, it’s necessary to know the software provider offering the best games. They are also the owners of numerous betting and gambling websites:

  • Usoftgaming N.V. This company is one of the leading ones. By now, this organization is an owner of 3 betting sites without GamStop, which are not registered on GamStop. They include PlayHub, BetSwagger, and PH Sportsbook. The company’s experience reaches over 15 years, so they are professionals in the gambling sphere. Such experience allows them understanding what punters really need and are looking for. They provide great usability, high-quality graphics, and plenty of interesting options.
  • BN Curacao N.V. This organization is one of the well-known bookmakers suitable for British punters looking for a comfortable and fair opportunity for sports betting. The company is an owner of one of the best web resources for bettors providing them with all options required for an amazing betting experience.
  • Thot Management N.V. The resource owned by the company is considered to be one of the tops among all the GS-free providers. The content presented on Tiger Gaming is unique and always high-quality. There’re diverse games created by different developers presented. There’re also options for sports betting, which are proved to be of very high-quality as well.
  • Prism Marketing. This organization is a large provider of gambling software owning a few betting sites, which aren’t registered on GamStop. Their web resources with the best software include Lionel Bets, Rufus, Agent Spins, etc. This operator appeared in 2019, so it’s quite young. However, it has already won the hearts of thousands of punters worldwide. There’re slots, card games, and other options for gamblers as well as sports betting options available for sports fans.

Bonuses available on non-GamStop platforms

Extras, which a punter can get from websites not registered on GS, are one of the key reasons why so many gamblers and sports fans are eager to find such resources. We already know that on gambling houses being a part of a GamStop program a punter will hardly get any generous extras. With non-GS sites, the situation is different. Prizes, which users have a chance to obtain, are quite generous and diverse.

There’re plenty of situations when a punter can be awarded a pleasant bonus:

  • Registration (there’re gambling houses, which are ready to award a player just because he/she selected their resource for playing)
  • The first payment (the majority of gambling houses give extras as soon as a punter makes the first deposit)
  • For a payment method selected (sometimes for the usage of a definite payment option, it’s possible to get a bonus)
  • For deposits on the casino (not just the first but all the following deposits might be beneficial and bring extras to a punter’s account)
  • Participation in promotions (there’re special events, which might be connected with holidays or other issues. In the framework of them, punters can win extras as soon as the requirements of promotion are met).

Another important thing is the type of extras. They might be various and depend on a definite betting platform selected by a punter. There’re a few main types:

  • Additional credits (they are accounted to a punter’s account. They might be added to the general bankroll or to the special bonus funds)
  • Free spins (such extras allow users to play for free enjoying their favorite slots. Free spins are given at the beginning of user’s gaming experience. It’s a chance to check the quality of casino and try a few games)
  • Free bets (sports betting resources often award punters with a chance to make a bet without any payments)
  • Cashback (when a punter chooses a certain payment option, there’re cases when cashback is provided. It might happen when selecting cryptocurrency or e-wallets).

The ways to get extra funds are also different. For example, the majority of non-GamStop platforms automatically add credits or free spins to a punter’s account. There’re cases when it’s required to follow a special link to demand an extra. It’s rarely necessary to contact the administration or support team to obtain a bonus. Another popular method, which is used by GS-free online platforms, is a special code, which a punter is to redeem to get an extra.

When it concerns extras, there’re always special conditions (wagering requirements). It’s vital to read and meet them in order not to lose bonuses and win more.

Currencies on GamStop-free websites

Punters from the UK are very concerned about the issue of currency supported by platforms, which are not licensed in the United Kingdom and aren’t a part of a GamStop scheme. In order to attract more British punters, such online resources often accept GBP and even give extras in this currency. Lots of gambling houses and betting websites are oriented to the international market. For this reason, they often support several international currencies, the most popular of which are as follows:Currencies

  • AUD (it’s a currency, which is used in Australia and popular among betting sites not on GamStop)
  • CAD (Canadian dollars are also extremely widespread among GS-free gambling houses)
  • Euro (this European currency is a must-have for any betting website, which takes care of reputation and wants more players)
  • NZD (this is a currency of New Zealand, which can sometimes be found in the list of currencies supported by non-GS platforms).

When a punter is looking for a reliable and comfortable betting resource to have a wonderful experience, the currency is an essential issue. If it’s difficult to find a resource, which supports British pounds, it should at least support Euro or other suitable currency.



Frequent questions concerning GamStop-free betting resources

Are platforms offering sports betting a part of a GS program?
All betting platforms offering both gamble games and sports betting, which are licensed in the UK, should be registered on GamStop in accordance with the law.
Is it possible to cancel self-exclusion?
If a punter started to play on a UK-licensed platform and then decided to limit the access becoming a part of a GS scheme, it will be impossible to play on the UK-based resources for a period of time selected. It’s sometimes real to ask to cancel the action but it’s hard and almost impossible. However, a punter can still select one of the UK betting sites not on GamStop.
Are resources, which aren’t on GS, safe?
Any platforms, which are officially certified by one or several of the existing authorities, are secure for gambling and betting. Make certain the RNG is used. It’s also advisable to read the users’ reviews on a resource selected to find out more about their experience.
Are there many resources, which aren’t on GS and accept UK punters?
There’re dozens of betting platforms for gambling and sports betting, which aren’t registered on GS. They accept punters from the UK. In the article, a user can find a few best platforms. There’re more of them on the Internet.
Are there any extras provided by GS-free resources?
There’re plenty of extras provided by GamStop-free resources. They might be extra credits, free spins, free bets, cashback, and others.
What is the minimum amount of money to deposit on non-GS platforms?
A minimum deposit varies depending on the platform chosen. The minimum possible sum reaches $10. The largest minimum is usually not more than $50.