UK bingo sites not on Gamstop

Playing online bingo and other games, including table, card, and video slots becomes increasingly more popular year by year. It was especially so in 2020, as the people in the UK nation, along with many others, had to sit locked at homes, so they surely had to find something to entertain selves with. That’s why the booming of online casino entertainment happened (in addition to a large increase in the number of online orders for food and other procurements). In this large reviewing article, we are focusing on defining online bingo, online Gamstop principle, and what bingo halls are to play, which are not on Gamstop.


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Defining a bingo game

A bingo game occurred circa 1530 in Italy and was a branch option of a local national lottery. The game gained increased popularity in the UK in the late 1950s and has continued to grow in popularity since. Swift development of brick-and-mortar bingo halls in numbers in the UK lasted from the 1960s until 2005. But it has been declining ever since due to a number of factors, including:

  • the development of the Internet (and, along with that, online bingo venues)
  • prohibition to smoke in bingo halls and in other public places
  • increased taxes for gambling.

So if there were over 600 bingo on-land venues in the UK in 2005, today, their number dropped below 350 and continues to (due to the pandemics and more people going online to play in the comfort of their house).

The rules of a bingo game online did not change compared to what they are in offline gaming venues. Currently, there are three most widespread versions of Bingo exist: with 90 balls, 80 balls, and 75 balls. The first version is considered ‘British’, the 75-ball version is considered ‘American’. The third is the intermediary. And if it was hard to find some particular version in offline venues differing from the one popular in the country, then with the advent of the Internet, everyone today is able to easily find a version suitable for himself or herself.

The basic rules of bingo are as follows.

  1. Every player buys a ticket before the game, which contains certain numbers. Depending on the type of a played game, the rows and columns with numbers in a ticket may vary in contained numbers from and to. For example, the first column can be filled with numbers from 1 to 9 or from 1 to 10, as well as every consequent one.
  2. When the gameplay starts, numbers from 1 to 90 (or 80, or 75) are generated randomly and are voiced by a caller in on-land venues or are simply shown on a screen when played online.
  3. The goal is to cross all numbers of 1, 2, or 3 lines or all numbers on the sidelines (leftmost and rightmost numbers of the bottom and top lines of a ticket).
  4. The more tickets one buys the more are the chances of winning. However, if that is a non-automated game played, then it becomes increasingly hard to monitor all numbers in all tickets bought the more of them there is. That, by the way, is another reason for the popularity of online bingo gaming, as numbers are controlled automatically, no matter how many tickets one buys.
  5. When and if the goal of a game is reached, a ticket wins a certain amount of money. If no ticket on the hands of a player wins, then no money is given.

What is awesome about playing bingo online is that one doesn’t really have to wait for a long time until another bingo game round begins, as they come with discrete short gaps between one another, so it is possible to play over 50 games during the entire day (or even more, if the game is provided 24/7).

Why players strive to play bingo? Well, because it is possible to win from several dollars per every ticket to amazing several tens of thousands – all depending on the cost of the ticket, rules and wager multipliers of a certain gaming hall, and the existence of additional prizes, which are worth competing for.

Defining gaming addiction and Gamstop

Gamstop is an official name of website’s service (combined of two words: ‘gambling’ and ‘stop’). It is designed to help people with gambling addiction overcome it, receiving substantial assistance in many facets of a gambling problem:

  • Refraining oneself from online gambling venues registered in the UK by self-forbidding to enter those venues with a provided personal information (currently, as of January 2021, there are 173 gaming venues on the Gamstop list)
  • Dealing with a money expenditure problem by receiving advice and consultancy on debt management (if there is any)
  • Receiving emotional support and professional advice, including online & phone support, as well as face-to-face meetings with a professional or by visiting especially created support groups
  • Having an aid to overcome existing addiction and, probably, to receive a much-needed rehabilitation in person
  • To grasp some practical controls thanks to software tools (including mobile apps and advertising blockers) used to limit a person from entering gaming venues or seeing their adverts online.

An addicted boy
This program is currently working only for British citizens and includes gaming venues registered in the Gamstop program and/or having a UKGC gaming license (those venues not having the UKGC gaming license but obtaining some other one can still participate in the Gamstop program if they would base it on their free will). Since the time of the Gamstop program launch, over 50,000 people have signed in.




Bingo games that are not on Gamstop

Now as you know what Bingo game is and what Gamstop is, too, it is about time to talk about merging these two notions. The reasons why one would want to find bingo sites not on Gamstop are the following:
Bingo games

  • If a person is already on the Gamstop programme yet he or she still tries to play, it would be impossible to gamble in the UK on those websites that are on Gamstop. We’re not here to judge why would anyone voluntarily taking part in Gamstop would want to start gambling again, but we’re just saying that there are cases like this all over the country and there are ways to bypass Gamstop.
  • A person may want to find UK bingo sites not on Gamstop simply because he or she believes that there are fewer chances to play without restrictions in such gambling facilities. That may be true, indeed: if some online gaming venue participates in Gamstop, the assortment of offered games may be inferior compared to those venues, which are not.


Just for the sake of covering information fully and correctly, it must be told that there are reasons to play on casino websites that are not on Gamstop because they make have a license of another jurisdiction. That might change everything.

As you, probably, know, the UK gaming license, which is UKGC, provides a lot of inconveniences for owners of such, like a huge cost (over several hundred thousand dollars, sometimes shooting above 1 million bucks). But not only that!

Casinos would also need to meet a long list of strict requirements, such as shorter number of allowed games, more rigid identification procedures, higher responsibility for payments and deposits from certain categories of gamblers, the provision of gambling restrictive programmes on their websites to address people with gambling addiction, lesser gaming vendors presented in an online catalog, and more rigid requirements towards wagers and bets. Also, it would be necessary to stick to the UK’s legislation basis.

It is very hard to completely go in line with these all, that’s why gambling houses all over the world not directly located in the UK try avoiding obtaining the UK license, instead opting for something much easier, like Curacao. Thus, it is still possible to provide widely accessible gambling services in this case but it will be better in terms of nearly everything.

Most of all, gamers will be given not tens but thousands of games on every average non-UK gaming website. Only this improvement makes it to be a trigger of why people try to find bingo not on Gamstop, as well as tons of other games unrestricted.

Surely, it makes no sense to seek bingo not on Gamstop that operates without any license at all or if it is received by some questionable jurisdiction, as in these cases, the gaming fun will soon turn into casino’s refusal to pay out winnings, should any occur, or even blocking an account with a positive money balance. This is one of the reasons we never recommend playing in dubious venues to avoid vague consequences.

Below, we’re uncovering some really nice online venues to play bingo in the UK, along with other types of games. No casino we’re uncovering below belongs to the list of Gamstop, which is advantageous for our readers striving to find exactly those venues.

Flipping coins

  • Royal Oak Casino.; Up to 100% to all deposits up to 1,000 pounds. The minimum deposit is £50.
  • The Red Lion.; Its significant advantages are a 750% welcome deposit bonus, only 25 pounds for a minimum deposit, and lots of pokies – in addition to bingo games.
  • Harry’s.; This venue allows a lot of sports betting, gives 400% of up to 2 thousand pounds, and also allows a small minimum deposit, only £25.
  • WinDiggers.; This online casino offers a generous welcome bonus – 450% to the deposit. Also, there are many bingo and other games, which is going to be to the liking of people striving to the diversity of their gambling experience.
  • AgentNoWager.This casino will be immediately loved by those gamblers who hate wagering requirements: there is none! In addition, the casino provides a no-wager 10% deposit bonus.
  • Crazy Star.; This one differs from the rest with the existence of an Android app and a 525% bonus on the first deposit. Also, the registration process here is really quick.
  • Fruity Chance. With this online gaming venue, it is possible to boost the available money for gambling up to 6 times, as there are 600% welcome deposit bonuses smeared through several initial deposits.
  • When it comes to generous free spins in pokies (should you like to try anything in addition to bingo), then try Fortune Clock with its 225 free spin option.
  • Cobra Spins Casino. Up to this moment, this is one of the most generously giving online casinos, as it is possible to receive up to 5 thousand pounds in bonuses (through several deposits). Also, there is a quite low initial requirement for the deposit sum: just 25 pounds. This venue is only surpassed as of now by Cyber Casino 3077, which is so generous that it does not mind giving 7,000 pounds to new players, and Golden Axe with £6,000, which make up to 450% of all several initial deposits.
  • But when it comes to the biggest possible number of free spins in slots, then there’s definitely nothing more giving than Paradise 8 Casino exists, which promotes itself with 888 free spins and a generous bonus of up to one thousand pounds of bonuses. If one goes for the replenishment of an account with bitcoins, then a welcome amount will be +300%. Also, it is quite furry to find out it provides daily cashback!

There’re so many advantageous offers on the list above. Do you need more reasons to start playing UK bingo sites not on Gamstop?

What advantages does it bring to play bingo games that are not on Gamstop?

People choosing to play online bingo in venues that are not on the Gamstop list will face such advantages of modern gaming bingo houses:

  1. High convenience. There’s no more need to physically go anywhere (despite weather and temperature) from home or work to enjoy the beloved game. All it takes is to have some device connected to the Internet and a stable Internet connection. Consider the age of a gambler, though – a big share of modern mobile phones will not be good for elderly people and those with sight disadvantages. A laptop or tabletop PC would be better then.
  2. During the pandemics, going nowhere saves life and health – stay home and gamble from there rather than going outdoors, especially given the new strain of a virus raging in the UK. This factor is actually the most definitive one in early 2022.
  3. Several types of bingo are accessible immediately. Also, there’s a possibility to enjoy a lot of games on a website of the same online casino, in addition to bingo games. Most modern websites give a large choice, without the need to go elsewhere to find exactly the game option one is interested in.
  4. Of course, paying to replenish a deposit account in an online casino has become very convenient today. One does not go anywhere to get money and bring cash to the cashier – things now happen in just several mouse clicks. Also, many channels of depositing make it possible to decide, which’s better and to use only a specific balance of a specific channel. This can be useful because not everyone wants to show some financial information on the Internet (like a bank card) and might have a dedicated balance just to gamble.
  5. High security and safety. When it comes to doing any actions online, connected to passing financial and personal information, one has to be completely and unambiguously assured that this information won’t get into the hands of third parties (especially, fraudsters). Playing in one of the online venues with UK’s UKGC gambling license, one can be positive that the following safety precautions take place:
    • using 256-bit encryption of a channel between a website and a user’s device
    • HTTPS certificate of a website instead of outdated HTTP
    • SSL protection when it comes to bank card transactions
    • two-factor authentication during logging in (some casinos may even offer three-factor authorization, which adds a phone verification of every entrance through entering a special code received via SMS)
    • any illegal sales of personal data of people to fraudsters and spammers are excluded by such venues with UKGC license if they don’t want to be deprived of this license once and for all for violations.
  6. Fun of play. The gambling process shall be fun and easy for everyone because, well, this what fun is! By nature, it must have nice graphics, great sound, a distinct gaming field, and reasonable sums of bets. With these all in place, gaming will never stop bringing a lot of fun.
  7. Friendly user support service. Everyone can encounter an error or have a question about some part of the functionality. Having a really good client service, which tries to help, is one of the distinct features of every nice gambling facility. Also, bear in mind that such a service shall be accessible through as many channels as possible: via phone, live chat, e-mail, and FAQ.
  8. Nice feedback about this or that gambling site on the Internet. Surely, it is hard to know in advance that some casino is good or bad. To make sure you’re depositing your time and money in a good one, read beforehand pieces of feedback on third-party websites and try using sites like ours, which contain helpful information. Try to find real opinions of gamblers on the exact venue you’re looking for to understand their first-hand experience. If you see something’s wrong, then don’t even start playing there.

Here you can read about Casinos not on gamstop

Frequently Asked Questions


What Gamstop actually does and how it works?
Gamstop is an online database created and operated by a non-commercial organization in the UK that tries to help people with gambling addiction to exclude themselves from online gambling. To do that, people voluntarily register on Gamstop’s official website and provide personal information that they use on gambling websites. It will only work when a person’s information matches the information they provide to gambling facilities. Otherwise, they will still be allowed to make bets.
Being registered in this programme does not free a person from further personal efforts:

  • Withdrawing money from all accounts of their gambling venues
  • Installing AdBlock and other advert-blocking and casino-blocking software on their devices that they use to gamble
  • Not trying to continue gambling by all means
  • Taking part in aid programs that help people with gambling addiction
  • Showing personal strength of will to refrain from gambling.
Is it possible to use the Gamstop opportunity outside the UK?
Currently, Gamstop is only provided to citizens and official dwellers of the UK (territories of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and does not spread to other territories of the world. Some parts of supported services, though, are available outside the UK. For exact details, go to the official website of Gamstop
Will participating in the Gamstop programme mean I can’t use brick-and-mortar casino services?
Physically, Gamstop is not a prohibition to enter a brick-and-mortar casino or gaming hall and play there. It is a tool assisting online, adding to the efforts of a player himself. If a player registers but won’t listen to his or her own inner voice, then there’s little that can help such a person in withdrawal from gambling addiction.
Why are bingo and other games better in places not on Gamstop than those on Gamstop?
Obviously, a player won’t access those venues, which are on Gamstop after being registered on Gamstop. That, however, requires exactly the same data as were entered in all and every gaming venue a gambler uses. Cheating means no good. But you already know that, right? As a result, there’s a huge difference between access to no game and access to all games. If you aren’t registered on Gamstop and enter one of the participating venues, the only big difference you might encounter is a somewhat shrunken list of games compared to those not on Gamstop.
How long will Gamstop work for me?
Every participant is free to select the length of a program: 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. Eliminating oneself from the programme is also not automated and requires additional actions from a person.